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Lace Style - Traditional to Innovative, 21 Inspired Designs to Knit. edited by Pam Allen & Ann Budd 8 1/2' x 9' Softcover (160 pages) 2007, Interweave Press, Inc.

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Rowan Knitting Books - Rowan Yarns RYC Sirdar Sublime. 4 Projects Evening Collection: FREE WITH YARN PURCHASE. 4 women's designs for the evening. Designers: Quail Studio. Rowan Yarn Used: Rowan Kid Classic, Kidsilk Haze

2 Re: Vintage Designs to Knit 25 Timeless Patterns for Women and Men from the Rowan Collection by Hargreaves Kim 2011

Kim Hargreaves' Vintage Designs to Knit: Kim Hargreaves. Kim Hargreaves' Vintage Designs to Knit [Kim Hargreaves] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kim Hargreaves, the undisputed master of classic knits.