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Sexto libro de la saga A Shade of Vampire Sinopsis: Bienvenido de nuevo a La Sombra... Derek y Sofía finalmente están disfrutando de un buen merecido descanso.

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SERIES READING ORDER (SERIES LIST) - bella forrest - series reading order (series list) - in order: a shade of vampire, a shade of kiev, beautiful monster, a shade of vampire, a shade of blood, a castle.

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A Shade of Vampire 3: A Castle of Sand - A Shade of Vampire 3: A Castle of Sand - Kindle edition by Bella Forrest. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

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A Shade of Vampire Series by Bella Forrest - Goodreads This series has a spinoff series with a whole new storyline: A Shade of Kiev.Sub-stories/arcs within the series: 1. Derek & Sofia's story (Books 1-7)...

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A Web of Lies (A Shade of Vampire, #27) by Bella Forrest A Web of Lies has 2,057 ratings and 86 reviews. Mikayla said: Great, but need reminded of who is whoAll in all the book was great, but it takes alto mo...